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Will There Ever Be An HTML6?

Will we ever see a HTML6?

Web design remains very dynamic. Barely a decade ago there were no responsive web design solutions, web fronts and SVG images which are an integral part of web design today. The introduction of HTML5 completely transformed web design. The new hypertext markup language equipped web designers with new structural elements, new inputs among other advanced features suited for building web based applications such as drag and drop, local storage among others. It’s very difficult to come across someone creating websites right now without using HTML5. The big question right now is will there ever be a HTML6?

The HTML6 concept can be accurately expounded as HyperTurtle Markup Language and not the HyperText MarkUp Language. What defers between the two is that the former is Turtle-Oriented. Despite both the terms having a similar pronunciation, the distinction arrives at the Cyrillic “T” pronunciation.

New Concept

The main idea behind HTML6 spaces centers on the namespaces. There is less worry of having to use minor semantic details but rather concentrate on content creation. The user need not have a thorough understanding of what HTML is to maneuver along.

Another distinction between HTML6 AND HTML5 involves the types of content used. In HTML5 the type of content is determined by the name of the tag or its attribute. HTML6 on the other hand does not need specifying content.


Based on the information expounded above, we can all agree that Turtles are really awesome. Despite the likelihood, there will be no such thing as an HTML6.

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